Smoking and Risks to Health

Cigarette smoking poses significant risks to the user’s health

Imperial Tobacco Canada does not promote smoking: we produce quality cigarette brands for adults who have made the decision to smoke. We strongly believe that smoking is a choice that should be made only by adults.Many smokers find it difficult to quit smoking, despite being aware of the risks. There are a host of well-known risks associated with smoking, including serious illness and disease many of which can be fatal. These include, but are not limited to: lung cancer, emphysema and heart disease.

The risks associated with smoking are identified primarily by epidemiological studies (statistical studies in large populations), which show that groups of lifetime smokers have a far higher incidence of diseases compared to non-smokers. The risk tends to be greater in groups that started smoking younger, smoke for longer periods of time, and smoke more cigarettes per day.

While these studies do not tell us whether an individual smoker will avoid an associated disease by smoking less, the research clearly demonstrates that all smoking behaviours are associated with significantly increased health risks. The only way to avoid smoking-related risks is not to smoke and the best way for a smoker to reduce their risk is to quit