Our products

Imperial Tobacco Canada’a portfolio comprises combustible tobacco products alongside a range of non-combustible products

Our portfolio reflects our commitment to meeting the preferences of today's adult smokers while building A Better Tomorrow with a choice of potentially reduced-risk products.


Our cigarette business is founded on understanding and meeting the preferences of adult smokers.

Despite the well-known health risks, millions of people worldwide continue to enjoy smoking conventional cigarettes.

We never set out to encourage people to take up smoking cigarettes, or to smoke more. Our cigarette business is based on understanding and meeting the preferences of today’s adult smokers with products that are manufactured to high standards and marketed responsibly.

How cigarettes work

Diagram of a cigarette

A standard cigarette has four basic components:

  1. Tobacco rod
  2. Cigarette paper
  3. Tipping paper
  4. Filter

When the tobacco rod is lit, the user inhales smoke through the filter.

The preferences of adult smokers guide the types and blends of tobaccos that we use in the tobacco rod. We do not add nicotine to our tobacco; it occurs naturally in all varieties of tobacco plants.

Filters are traditionally made from cellulose acetate fibres, known as tow.

The filter, paper and type of filter are all chosen to affect the sensory strength and smoke yield of the cigarette.

Vapour products

While cigarettes will be at the core of its business for some time to come, the Group’s ambition is to increasingly transition revenues from cigarettes to non-combustible products over time.

BAT’s range of potentially reduced-risk non-combustible products include BAT’s New Categories – vapour and tobacco heating products and modern oral products, including tobacco-free nicotine pouches – as well as traditional oral products, such as snus and moist snuff.

Imperial Tobacco Canada currently offers adult consumers Vuse, a vapour product, as a potentially less risky alternative to traditional cigarettes.