Operating responsibly

We are committed to operating to the highest standards of corporate conduct and transparency, benefiting governments, consumers, the environment and our people.

Because our products pose serious health risks, we believe that it is all the more important to manage our business responsibly.  Responsibility is integral to our strategy and, we are working to pursue our commercial objectives in ways consistent with changing expectations of a leading multinational business.

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Raising standards, leading the industry

Acting responsibly and with integrity wherever we operate underpins the Group’s approach and forms the foundation of our culture and values as a company.

The Group has been focusing on corporate behaviour issues for a long time and this is reflected through the many good practices embedded across our business. For example, our environmental policy and management, social reporting and approach to labour practice and human rights have been consistently recognised in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

Corporate behaviour is also one of the three key areas of our sustainability agenda, along with harm reduction and sustainable agriculture and farmer livelihoods.

Integral to our corporate conduct are the Group Standards of Business Conduct   (SoBC), which cover our policies and procedures on areas such as human rights and bribery and corruption.

We’re always working to remain at the forefront of best practice and build upon our approach to meet new challenges and opportunities. For example, we’ve made good progress recently in strengthening our management of human rights, such as through the development of our new Supplier Code of Conduct  , which clearly defines the minimum standards we expect of all our suppliers. We have also adopted product and marketing standards for Vapour Products.