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Regulation, the Canadian context

In addition to complying with stringent federal and provincial tobacco regulations, we adhere to strict International Marketing Principles to ensure our products are not targeted to youth.

The manufacture, sale and use of tobacco products are subject to over 200 laws and regulations nationwide enacted at the federal, provincial and municipal levels. Legislation in all 13 provinces and territories bans the use of retail display (2005-2010), and federal regulations restrict the use of nearly all ingredients (2010). In addition, 75% (front and back) of our cigarettes packs are covered with the mandatory health warnings.

Like any business, we believe we have a role to play in the regulatory process. We take that role seriously, and we want to be part of discussions. We speak out regularly on issues that affect our company, industry and its stakeholders, and aim to contribute constructively and transparently to the public policy debates around tobacco and nicotine products.

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